Thank You [H]ouse M.D.

Thank You, [H]ouse M.D.

Submission Guideline

Just a few notes:

Please start with “For”. You can submit anything from a quote, to an episode title, a scene, a lesson you’ve learned or just what you love/hate or any other emotion about the show.

Your submission should be up within about 48 hours (depending on how many submissions I have).

If you’re wondering why your submission hasn’t shown up, it was probably too similar to one already created (Please don’t submit “Everybody Lies” xD). So please, submit something has may have not already been used.

If you submit multiple submissions at the same time, I may pick the best few. 

I also reword submissions sometimes and may shorten them, but you’ll still get the credit. 

Thank you guys so much for making me fall in love with this series all over again! :)